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Redux Lessons for Newcomers

Most of our React projects require managing overall application state. While there are certainly other tools out there that do this, we prefer Redux.

You d...

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React Lessons for Newcomers

At 20spokes, developers spend a roughly equal amount of time between Ruby on Rails and React. While we enjoy working in both frameworks, they are quite different in approach, and going from a Rails way of thinking to a React way of thinking can be...

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Webpack and Rails: Part 1 - Why We Replaced Asset Pipeline

Several months ago, we decided to replace Ruby on Rails’ Asset Pipeline with Webpack. In this series of blog posts, we’ll be looking into why we did it then going over examples of how we did it.

To get started, some of the reasons why we ...

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Going it a Drone

It’s Friday around 4:00pm. We start getting antsy. We’ve worked hard all week and it’s time to blow off some steam. Ryan (our fearless leader) suggests we fly the drones. Drones are brought out. Zack (our fearless Solutions Architect) walks ...

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Talking 20spokes and Starting Up on advisor.TV

Our founder, Ryan Fischer, was recently interviewed by Tricia Meyer on her advisor.TV show, Startup Stories. The series features experiences and advice from top entrepreneurs who "inspire us to take the risks necessary to turn our passion into rea...

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Watch us eat our own dog food

20spokes is trying a new diet, so to speak. If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase: “eating your own dog food,” it’s a common expression in the software world referring to a developer’s practice of using their own products. It’s said to have origina...

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"Where'd you get the name?"

It’s Latin for ‘Innovation!’ Just kidding.’s not that simple.

I wish we had a one line answer to this question because we get it a lot. But we do have an answer that’s more than a one liner, but I must warn you: It’s kind of...

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Good Founders Make Good Clients - 5 Traits We Look For

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” – Guy Kawasaki

As a development agency that primarily works with early stage startups, we hear all kinds of business ideas. You could even say that we're in the business of building business ideas...

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The Business and Dev Tools We Use Everyday

The tools businesses use everyday can range from productive to cumbersome. We are very cautious when adding any new tools to our team so that we don’t waste any time and stay as effective as possible.

Our Current Tool...

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Getting Started on Your Startup - Idea to Realization: Part 1

i·de·a - a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

Ideas get thrown around a lot these days, but there's no clear protocol for talking about them. You hear it all the time, you’ve probably even said it you...

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