Live Video Coaching Sessions with top tennis coaches

About Rhabit

The Dawson brothers came to us with a dream of digitizing the scarcity of quality tennis coaching. The core components for Rhabit’s MVP revolve around live video streaming capability with seamless download, upload, and sharing of resources; an intuitive vendor search and booking platform; and a community of dedicated coaches and athletes.

Reoccuring Availability

A main feature of the Rhabit platform is ongoing and reoccuring scheduleing. Coaches are able to set which days they are available for One-to-One sessions with students. Availabity can be as strict or flexible as the coaches schedule allows, with settings for reoccuring days of the week and timeframes within the chosen days.

Technologies Used

We created a custom application for Rhabit using Rails as a backend framework and React for seamless user experience and media integration. We utilized battle-tested and innovative technologies alike to create a user experience that was elegant, efficient, and interactive.

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