Create project based political causes and connect them with volunteers and donors

About ChangeMaker

ChangeMaker was first concieved as a tool to help the dynamic non-profit NewFounders. It allows organizations to add a project and find fellow activists to donate to or join the cause as a volunteer. The interface provides organizations the ability to detail an issue or problem, outline a solution, and how donors or volunteers can help. When people join the project as a volunteer, they can specify their particular skillset in fields such as marketing, design, legal, or data so project managers can delegate tasks to the right people.

Create Your Own Project

The core functionality of ChangeMaker is to allow organizations to sign up and create their own projects quickly and easily in the “Project HQ”. The interface simplifies this process by breaking up project creation into short steps. Once a project is published, the Project HQ allows for the easy management and communication with volunteers and donors.

Genevieve Thiers
CEO, NewFounders

SO MANY THANKS to 20Spokes, our amazing tech firm here in Chicago. We literally cannot say enough good things about 20Spokes.

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