• The REAL Way to Think About Websites

    By Mary-Michael Lindsay on Nov 12 2014 in Customer Service, Marketing, Web Site

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  • Using “Ego Bait” to Drive Traffic: A Step By Step Guide

    By Dave Longwell on Nov 4 2014 in Influencer Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Social Media

    Ego Bait

    If a content marketing expert tells you to just focus on publishing great contenthe or she is doing you a disservice!

    In the real world, for small and medium sized businesses, it takes more work.

    Even if you publish an amazing, unique piece of content, you have to do the legwork to get it out to your audience.

    Brian Dean over at Backlinko.com has a great quote:

    “People often forget the ‘marketing’ in ‘content marketing.’”

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  • Why You Need Buyer Personas Before You Write Anything

    By Mary-Michael Lindsay on Oct 22 2014 in Marketing, Personas

    When someone asks me to look over the content on their website, more often than not I end up asking two questions:

    “Who is this written for?” and, “Why are they going to read it?”

    Effective content offers value to the reader. But before you can deliver value to someone through a blog post, infographic, video, etc., you need to know who, specifically, will be looking for and engaging with this type of content.

    The first step in your content strategy should be putting together a detailed buyer persona using first hand knowledge of your target market (you’ll hear them called “marketing personas” as well; same thing).

    Buyer Personas
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  • Why You Need To Stop Paying For SEO Services

    By Colin Robertson on Sep 16 2014 in Marketing, SEO

    1397499338_dddf9d1248“Can you get us to the top of the Google rankings?”

    We get this question all of the time. Potential clients want to know if we have the magic formula that will help their site reach the top of Google’s rankings. It’s a shame, but we have to burst their bubble and tell them that we can’t and no one can anymore.

    There are some companies, unfortunately, that will indulge requests like this and say that they can still “hack” the rankings to boost your site’s SEO. So to help save you from them, we wanted to share why there is no magic formula to hack Google’s rankings and what you actually can do to get your site found through SEO.

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  • Why Penguin 3.0 is a Win for Business

    By Colin Robertson on May 22 2014 in Marketing, SEO

    Penguin 3.0

    The shady side of the SEO world is about to take another major hit to the jugular in a couple of weeks as Google is set to release its Penguin 3.0 algorithm update.

    To give a brief history to those of you who may not know, Google has had 4 recent updates to try to rid the world of poor search engine results that are acquired by in-genuine links.  Back in the day, SEO companies did anything and everything to get more links to their sites. 

    Created “link-farms”

    Bought them 

    Wrote comments on other blogs with back-links to the site

    Anything they could do to get the number of inbound links up!

    And, as is always the case when people try to “game the system”, they took it too far. Way too far. The result was poor quality search results for users on Google as it wasn’t the quality of information that made it to the top, it was whomever had the most “spammy” links.

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  • How our Small Agency Became an Authority on Pinterest SEO

    By Colin Robertson on May 14 2014 in Case study, Marketing, SEO

    Pinterest SEOOn February 5th I discovered, and wrote about, how to get your pins to the top of Pinterest searches. It’s a relatively simple process and one that has given our clients a TON of new followers, likes, repins and, best of all, traffic to their site!

    In fact, since the day I wrote the post, our clients have seen a 228% increase in traffic from Pinterest! And this wasn’t an increase from 100 to 228 people coming, this was thousands and thousands of more people coming to their site simply because they optimized their pins for “Pinterest SEO”. But they weren’t the only ones who got an increase in traffic. We, too, saw an increase in traffic for that exact blog. But we did it by making it to the top 3 search results on Google for “Pinterest Search Algorithm”.

    We’re a small business. We don’t have the authority to be blogging on subjects like this in the eyes of Google the same way Moz or Hubspot does. Yet, we were able to make it to the top and become an authority for 3 main reasons.

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  • How to Ensure That Your Content is Optimized for SEO

    By Colin Robertson on May 6 2014 in Marketing, SEO

    optimize content for seoIt’s finally done.  That blog post that you spent so much time writing, mulling over,  and re-writing.  And you send it out into the great ether of the internet, not truly knowing if it will be the next trending article on Facebook…or a total dud.

    As you’ve probably seen, the latter scenario is far more likely to occur – meaning the time you spent writing, mulling over, and rewriting your blog post to essentially be wasted.

    So how do you turn the odds back in your favor?

    There are, of course, several answers to this question, but one of the ways we make sure to maximize our content creation is by creating what we call our “Content Optimization Sheet.”

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  • The Surprising Truth Behind Why You Procrastinate at Work

    By Colin Robertson on Apr 29 2014 in Startup, Team

    Be more productive

    Almost everyone I talk to on a regular basis: entrepreneur, small business owner, marketer, etc. all have seem to have their priorities straight…well, at least on paper.

    They know what they need to do, they know how it ties into their vision, and they how it will help them succeed in the end.

    But over time, it seems like their most important priorities remain consistently on their “to-do list” and not their “done list”.

    I couldn’t help but think, why is this? Why is it that these ambitious, hard-working and visionary professionals, who knew what they needed to do, weren’t getting the most important things done?

    In trying to answer this question, it didn’t take me long before I looked at my own to-do list and realized the same phenomenon took place with me on a regular basis.  For us in small businesses, we know we need to market, but right now we HAVE to service our current customers.  We know we need to make a personnel change but right now we HAVE to meet our numbers and keep the doors open for another month.

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  • 3 SEO Basics Too Many Companies Overlook

    By Colin Robertson on Apr 21 2014 in Marketing, SEO

    SEO BasicsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big deal.  It drives free, targeted, traffic to your site and is one of the most sustainable forms of online marketing.

    It is so important to companies, in fact, that they will spend thousands of dollars on what is essentially a bet that an SEO agency will be able to help them move up the rankings by “optimizing” their site.  A process that will take months and months before any results are seen.

    Due to this combination of importance, expense, and time there becomes a perception by a lot of companies that SEO needs to be a complicated process.  It needs to be this complex beast full of algorithms, webs of links, and deep understanding of HTML in order to make it all work.  While this is true, focusing on these things would be like a highschool quarterback, who’s never picked up a football, starting by trying to memorize Peyton Manning’s playbook…Let’s get the basics down first.

    Here are 3 basics that every site needs for SEO before they move on to the more complicated stuff.

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  • 8 Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Persona

    By Colin Robertson on Apr 9 2014 in Marketing, Personas, Startup

    Creating a marketing personaEvery day companies across the country launch products and marketing campaigns without realizing that they have blindfolds on.  These days, it’s becoming easier and cheaper to create a product or marketing campaign. And with that, companies are producing them much more quickly which leads to missing some crucial steps to creating a quality, compelling, marketing message.  And the most important thing that people miss is creating a marketing persona.

    Why create a marketing persona?

    A marketing persona is a representation of the person that you are selling your product or services to. It helps you “get into the head” of your customers to empathize and relate to their decision-making process when it comes to buying your product.  By going through the exercise of creating a persona, you will discover new ways of communicating with your customers, and be able to engage with them on a deeper level.

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