Welcome to 20spokes!

Our site is currently under massive agile iterations and other craziness!

To answer the #1 question - why does a web development company not have a site currently up?

Great question heading 3 (formely known as <h3>)! We've been pretty busy working on incredible projects with incredible people! Sadly our little domain didn't get the love it deserved. So we are fixing it.

Fair enough, what was wrong with the old site?

Ahh - another great question from heading 3's younger sibling #5. Simple enough, it wasn't us! We're a small local Chicago web dev agency that does great things. We take pride in all of our clients' projects and it is time for us to take pride in our site.

So how do we know what you've done?

Always the bold one mr. italics! Here's a snapshot of what we have to offer and a few of our recent projects!

- Create large scale web app/sites.

- Product driven and help transform your business and ideas on the internet

- Create mobile applications

- Agile-focused: we get stuff done faster so you can see it sooner!

- Technologies we work with: Ruby on Rails, Go, ReactJS, Backbone, Node, Java (we stay current to provide the best)